iOS App Icons Sizes

According to Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines, every app must provide an icon to be displayed on a device’s Home screen and in the App Store. An app should specify several different icons of different dimensions to suit different screen sizes and different situations.

Here are the dimensions for iOS apps:

Name Size(px) Usage
Icon-Small.png 29×29 iPad Settings
Icon-Small@2x.png 58×58 iPhone Settings, iPad Settings for Retina display
Icon-Small@3x.png 87×87 iPhone Settings for Retina display
Icon-40.png 40×40 iPad Spotlight results
Icon-40@2x.png 80×80 iPhone Spotlight results, iPad Spotlight results for retina display
Icon-40@3x.png 120×120 iPhone Spotlight results for retina display
Icon-60@2x.png 120×120 iPhone App Icon
Icon-60@3x.png 180×180 iPhone App Icon for Retina display
Icon-76.png 76×76 iPad App Icon
Icon-76@2x.png 152×152 iPad App Icon for Retina display
Icon-120.png 120×120 CarPlay App Icon
Icon-20@2x.png 40×40 iPhone Notification
Icon-20@3x.png 60×60 iPhone Notification
Icon-20.png 20×20 iPad Notification
Icon-20@2x.png 40×40 iPad Notification
Icon-83@2x.png 167×167 iPad Pro App Icon
iTunesArtwork.png 512×512 App Submission
iTunesArtwork@2x.png 1024×1024 App Submission

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